7 Best 100% Pure Cotton Sateen Flat Sheets Collection by SSQUZA

Whenever there is a talk about quality bed sheets, Sateen sheets are at the top. If you are a person, who likes something more breathable than cotton and needs silky feels, then Sateen sheets are for you. They are versatile, breathable, affordable, and need are low-maintenance. Sateen sheets are made with 100% cotton, so they are the closest thing to satin.

What is a Flat Sheet?

A flat sheet refers to a sheet that has finishing at the edge without any type of elastic. Also, it comes in a rectangular shape.

Read on to know about the collection of 7 best sateen flat sheets by SSQUZA so that you can select what you want.

Best Overall

  1. SSQUZA Sateen Flat Sheet Queen Size


Thread Count: 400

Color Options: White

Size: Queen

SSQUZA (LegendBedding) has introduced a luxury 5-star hotel-like queen-size sateen flat sheets. They are 100% cotton made and add elegance to your bedroom. They are breathable and give the feel of softness as they are woven from long-staple fibers and single-ply. This flat sheet set is made by keeping in mind that the user should get hotel-like comfort in his own bedroom. In this way, it becomes easy for you to sleep and dream well. This sheet doesn’t just give your bedroom a hotel-like feeling, but also gives a luxury look and adds elegance. It becomes soft with every wash and iron makes it shinier than before. This sheet set has cleared all lab tests which proves its authentication and durability. The customers really adore the usage of this sateen sheet set at such an affordable price. It will surely prove a good spend on your expenses as it gives you nice and pleasant feelings. This Queen size set includes 1 flat sheet 96" W x 104" L. You can easily clean it by washing it in the machine in cold or warm water. Experts suggest using non-chlorine bleaches and fabric softeners for better results. It comes with FREE shipping in the U.S. You need to iron it to restore its remarkable shine.

If you are looking for made-in-Pakistan bedding products, then you are at the right place. SSQUZA (LegendBedding) is famous for its quality as all of our beddings are Pakistan-made. Also, you will be pleased to know that the company is offering a complete sateen sheet set through a lucky draw worth $10. You may contact us to know more details.

  1. Mayfair Linen - Egyptian Quality Long Staple Cotton, Sateen Weave Ivory Queen Sheets for Queen Size Bed

Thread Count: 800

Color options: 35

Size: Queen

This sateen flat sheet is available at an affordable price. If you would like to get a flat sheet made with 100% pure cotton, but you don’t have a high budget to purchase it, then this option is good to go. It is available in a wide range of colors. So, you can choose a color of your choice. For some people, color is not a matter of selection, but for others, it matters a lot. So, this sheet comes in various colors. You can select a color that you need to add elegance to your room.


  1. Signature Hemmed Sheet Set

Thread count: 300

Color options: 10

Size: Twin

These sateen sheets have soft, breathable, and shiny material. They give you an amazing feeling when you use them. Also, they are super lightweight. When it comes to the price, the price is a bit high as not all people can pay this much for a sheet set. However, they use signature material to manufacture the sheets. No use of harmful chemicals is recorded while manufacturing the product. The reviewers give this sheet set top marks as they think it has proved a good selection for their bedroom. It has 7 inches of hemline on the pillowcases and a flat sheet.

When it comes to the care of these sheets, you have to follow a few steps. Please note these care techniques. You have to wash it in cold water. Wash these sheets with the like color clothes. You may use bleach or non-chlorine brighteners for the white color. On the other hand, the use of liquid detergent is enough. A warm iron can be used in case of need.


  1. The Madison Plain + Perfect Sateen Sheets

Thread count: 300

Color options: 1

Size: Twin

The company is having a collection of breathable and comfy sheets. The Madison plain is one of them. There is no need of breaking as the first night's sleep on these sheets will tell you about the amazing quality. You will have the best sleeping experience on these sheets. They are lightweight sheets. The package includes a pair of pillowcases and a fitted sheet which is perfect and plain. Sometimes, all you need is simplicity. 100% Egyptian cotton is used to make this breathable and soft sheet set.


  1. Sateen Sheet Set

Thread count: not available

Color options: 4

Size: Twin

This sateen sheet set is made by using long-staple Egyptian cotton which makes it soft as well as strong. The texture is lightweight which is quite good for good sleep. The Parachute’s eye for designing this sateen sheet set is another plus point. This design makes it more smooth and gives it a gorgeous feel. The design of their pillowcases gives a tidier look to your bed and also keeps the pillow in the right place all night. The set includes 1 fitted sheet and 1 pillowcase set. However, you can add 1 flat sheet by paying some extra amount. You can wash it in the machine.

So, if you are a person, who needs a smooth feel without having the shiny look, then this sateen sheet set is surely for you.



  1. Saatva Organic Sateen Sheets

Thread count: 300

Color options: 3

Size options: 7

Are you looking for a 5-star hotel feel? If yes, then Saatva organic sateen sheets are for you. These sheets are super comfy and soft. They are available in three beautiful colors (gray, ivory, and white), and you can get any one of your choices. However, the white color will give a hotel-like luxury feel to your bedroom. The company uses 100% cotton to make these sheet sets. They have grown their own cotton so that they can achieve sustainable and ecologically safe sheets. Also, the sheets are super breathable. Here, it is important to tell you that the sheets can attract heat but the thread count (which is 300) allows the air to flow from the sheets quite easily. If you do good care, you can get benefit from these sheets for more than 2 years.

Their lower thread count makes them the best option for hot sleep', who need breathable material, too. The use of sateen material gives these sheets a soft, luxurious, and breathable feel, and so makes them durable.



  1. Cloverlane Sheets

Thread count: 600

Color options: 3

Size options: 5

Cloverlane sheets are counted among the sateen sheets which are soft and breathable. This sheet set is made with a higher thread count than any other sheet set in this list. A higher thread count indicates the softness of the sheet. Hence, it depends on the customer demand as the highest thread count does not indicate the top-ranked quality sheets.

This sheet set is ideal for people, who want to be hot while having a good sleep. A high amount of thread reveals the heat retaining capacity of a sheet set. At the end of the day, you get cozy and nice feelings on this sheet. 100% long-staple cotton is used to make these durable sheets. You can keep them for more than 2 years if you take care of them properly. They are antimicrobial, so you can be safe from any kind of bacteria and mold while sleeping.


Final Thoughts!

The above-mentioned 7 Sateen flat sheet sets are the top picks of our editor. These are our favorite 100% cotton sheets. You can find them in multiple colors with the best features. If you are curious to know more details, you may contact us anytime.

This list contains sateen sheets for all. Whether you want to give your room a luxury hotel-like feel or you want to use a sheet for the guest bed. You can find a sheet for you from this list easily!