What Is A Coverlet For A bed? Matelassé History & Size Guide

What Is A Coverlet For A bed?

A coverlet is a lightweight blanket; it acts like a summer blanket in Air-conditioned rooms as well as it can be folded at the foot of the bed to get an extra layer of warmth or decoration. Some people get confused in differentiating a coverlet and a quilt, but actually, they are completely different from each other. A coverlet exhibits both plain styles and elegant patterns.

As per Monica Bhargava, the executive vice president of product development and design at Pottery Barn,

“Coverlets were traditionally made of matelassé fabric, which is a weaving technique used to create texture and mimic quilting. And since they weren’t quilted, they were called coverlets, not quilts.”

What is Matelassé Coverlet?

The history of a matelassé is dated back to the 18th century, but it is as popular today as it was in the past. Its simplicity and special weaving pattern make it the first choice for those who want elegance, simplicity, and comfort in one place. A traditional weaving pattern is used to create the matelassé bedding, which makes a beautiful and lightweight fabric that feels, soft, silky, and comfortable on the skin. Although matelassé is a single sheet coverlet, yet it is embellished with a specific gorgeous pattern that gives it a padded-like appearance. It acts both as a décor accent and as an additional bedding layer to get extra warmth during the colder months. And the coverlets that are crafted in the pattern of matelassé are perfectly used as lightweight summer blankets.

The matelassé material also known as the figured fabric is woven from numerous interlocking threads and thick cotton yarns to give a puffy and quilted appearance to matelassé. The exclusive weaving pattern gives versatility and delicacy to matelassé coverlets.

What Size is A Coverlet?

Standard beds are available in six sizes including:

Twin 39” W x 75” L

Twin XL 39” W x 80” L

Full 54” W x 75” L

Queen 60” W x 80” L

King 76” W x 80” L

California King 72” W x 84” L
As per these bed sizes, coverlets are available in the below-mentioned lengths and widths respectively.

Coverlet sizes:

Twin 68” W x 86” L
Twin XL 39” W x 80” L
Full 78” W x 86” L to 86” W x 86” L
Queen 90” W x 90” L
King 104” W x 92” L
California King 104” W x 92” L

What is A Crib Coverlet?

Becoming a parent is thrilling and exciting, but sometimes choosing a crib bedding for your baby becomes very complex and confusing. Although a crib needs a mattress, mattress pad, mattress cover, and crib sheets. Yet choosing a crib coverlet is a piece of a sheet, which will keep your baby warm and cozy. So the baby feels safe and comfortable while sleeping. Mostly, crib coverlets are large enough to cover your baby from an infant to 2 years old baby. These crib coverlets are gentle, washable, allergen-free, and soft, and they are folded easily.

While compiling our remarks and information about the coverlet, we can conclude that a coverlet is a bedcovering with sides that hang down a few inches past the box spring. But it doesn’t touch the floor. The luxury coverlets are layered directly over the flat sheet or over a blanket to give you extra warmth or décor accent to your bedding.