When is Bright Week 2023, 2024, and Upcoming Years?

You may have heard about Easter Week; Bright Week is another name for this week. You may call it in either way. This is the religious eve of 7 days which starts from Easter Sunday and ends on the Bright or Easter Saturday. You will be happy to know that all days of this week are called by adding bright in their name. The name of days of this week are known as Bright Sunday, Bright Monday, Bright Tuesday, Bright Wednesday, Bright Thursday, Bright Friday, and Bright Saturday. This is Easter week which is full of celebrations and religious events. 

Bright Week Activities

You can perform different activities to make this day memorable. We have selected some of the activities for you. Have a look!

  • Go to church
  • Attend a religious event
  • Read a religious book related to the bright week
  • Read the history of the bright week or share the history of this week with others
  • Arrange a get-together
  • Watch a movie related to this week
  • Bring awareness related to the bright week
  • Help the needy
  • Share pictures and videos of the event on social media platforms with hashtags of #brightweek2023, #brightweekcelebrations, or any other of your choice

When is Bright Week in 2023, 2024, and Future Years?

It is important for you when you are going to have this week in the year. It will make you capable of celebrating this event in the desired way by planning your tasks in advance. We have compiled the list for your ease. Just go through it!

Year Starting Date & Day Ending Date & Day
2023 April 9, Sunday April 15, Saturday
2024 March 31, Sunday April 6, Saturday
2025 April 20, Sunday April 26, Saturday
2026 April 12, Sunday April 18, Saturday
2027 May 2, Sunday May 8, Saturday
2028 April 16, Sunday April 22, Saturday
2029 April 8, Sunday April 14, Saturday
2030 April 28, Sunday May 4, Saturday


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