When is National Daughter's Day?

In 2022, September 25, Sunday is going to be observed as National Daughter's Day to tribute to all the daughters. That prove to be the blessing of God and a source of pleasure for their parents. Every year the day is celebrated with great zeal and fervor to honor the princess of a father and coolness of a mother's eye. A few countries celebrate the day every fourth Sunday of September. But in the United States of America, September 25 is the only day to set all the daily hectic activities aside and pay exclusive heed to your daughters.

For every couple, having a daughter is the greatest blessing of God. She brings a lot of joy and excitement to her parents' life. Contrary to boys, girls are affectionate, loving, jolly, and curious, and they very easily fill the house will laughter and beauty. As the parents start growing old, nothing is dearer to them than their daughter because she lets them recall the memories and beauty of their youth. Though daughters are associated and attached with their mothers a lot, none in this world can love a daughter more than her father.

The birth of a female child proves to be a game-changer for her father and transforms him completely. Since her birth, the father gets the chance to step by step witness how a little girl turns into a woman. Mothers play a significant role in raising a daughter and making her prosperous, empowered, and morally cultivated. But there is always a strong and supportive dad behind every successful and confident daughter.

National Daughter's Day gives a chance to put their tough routine and hectic tasks aside, spare quality time with their daughters, and show unconditional love to them. The special day acts as an impetus behind reviving a healthy relationship of parents with their daughters. Though the sons prove to be the financial supporters of their families, for all the aging parents, daughters maintain a level of connectivity and commitment that keep the families united.

History of National Daughter's Day:
National Daughter's Day has originated in those nations, where the birth of a female child is considered a stigma. Though the day is observed in the USA on every September 25, the actual concept behind this day has gained momentum in India. As per Hindustan Times, "Unlike other countries in the world, there has always been a certain stigma attached to being a girl child in India, and while this may no longer be the case in the big cities, it is still quite widespread in India. When a woman gives birth to a girl, she is penalized."

Along with India, many other developing countries consider daughters a burden. But this mental bankcrupcy is not only associated with developing countries. Even in the USA, women have been facing unbearable obstacles. The daughter's Day is also viewed in the context of MeToo movement because from the very beginning, various societies have viewed women as inferior to men. Nowadays, all the developed countries raise slogans in the favor of woman empowerment and feminism. But in all those countries, till 1920, women didn't get even the right to vote. And till 1960's wives usually stayed at home and their husbands used to work to feed the families. Still after making tremendous progress, women in the USA are facing gender discrimination.

In all these circumstances, the emergence of National Daughter's Day proves to be a whiff of fresh air for all the daughters, who are facing inequality, gender discrimination, domestic violence, sexual & child abuse, and child marriage. In patriarchal societies, women are in severe plight; they are not sent to schools, and even they don't have a right to live. Mentally downtrodden people mostly kill their daughters in the desire of sons. Therefore, the United Nations came forward to bridge a very deep gap between boys and girls in society, and the first time October 11, 2012 was celebrated to serve the purpose. But now, the day is observed on September 25 worldwide and on every fourth Sunday of September in India.

How To celebrate National Daugher's Day?
In various countries, NGO's play a very significant role in holding rallies, seminars and processions to deliver speeches and change societal mind regarding daughters. But the important thing is to be united as a family on Daughter's Day. The parents should do everything to let their daughters feel empowered, special, and inspired. Throw a party in their owner, share good ideas with them and have healthy discussions to let them achieve their dreams.

Take your daughters your daughters out and have a festive lunch or dinner with them, ask them about their goals, and discuss about their future plans. Though daughters are associated with their mothers a lot, fathers should have a strong bond with their daughters. This step will certainly revive your relationship, the girls will trust you, and share their feelings with you. If a daughter has a strong relationship with her parents, especially fathers, none can deceive her and deteriorate her integrity.