When is National Son's Day? 2022

National Son’s Day:

September 28, Wednesday is celebrated on National Son’s Day to acknowledge the sons and give exclusive prestige and consideration to them. Since 2018, the day has been celebrated to reveal societal views about sons, who are going to be future fathers, leaders, role models, and financial supporters of their families.

History of National Son’s Day:

The idea of National Son’s Day originated in 1990, for some people wanted a day similar to “National Take Your Daughter to Work” Day. In 1998, National Son’s Day led to the emergence of “National Take Your Sons to Work Day”. Later on, both the days were merged in 2003 to be celebrated as a single event. But in recent years, the credit goes to Jill Nico, who resurfaced the observance of National Son’s Day in 2018. He aimed to honor the sons and their families that are raising their male children to make them responsible men and useful citizens of society. In numerous countries, the boys are also spotlighted on March 4, but most commonly, the day is associated with September 28.
In different societies, the birth of a male child is considered more pleasurable than that of a female child. But raising a son well and making him a purposeful, honorable, and ambitious personality is a very hectic task for both the parents, who play a contributory role and make tremendous effort in the physical & emotional development and moral cultivation of their boys. A lack of attention and even a single mistake from the parental side can lead to developmental issues in later years.
The Day guides that parents must make their sons responsible, kind, and morally cultivated. And both parents should strive to have a good relationship with their boys and end the generation and communication gap among them.

How To Observe The National Son’s Day?

To make the day memorable, pleasurable, and effective for your sons, you should have some new ideas to spend quality time with your male children.
In this fastest-growing era of technology, everyone is striving to make money. Therefore, none has sufficient time to give special attention to his/her family, exclusively the children. So National Son’s Day is the perfect day to tell your sons that they have a significant position in your life. On that day, power off your mobile phones and turn off your social media notifications. Get up early in the morning, have breakfast with your sons, and plan a lavishing and a full-day tour with them. Ask about their daily school routine, know about their friends and company, find out their problems, and try to resolve them as much as you can. Bridge the gap between you and your sons and prove to be supportive for them to revive their lost confidence.
Appreciate the aims, favorite activities, and hobbies of your sons. Play games, watch movies, and go shopping with them. Share the old memories of their early life and acts of mischief with them. In short, just prove to your sons that they are the beauty and the source of happiness in your life. Tell them that you are striving to give them a better future. All your efforts are to make them successful men and give them a luxurious life. Your meeting with your sons should be a combination of fun, humor, and pieces of advice. And you should share some practical life skills to make your sons more confident and morally cultivated. At the end of that day, you will experience that you have revived your relationship with your son(s).
To conclude, I can say that National Son’s Day is the best opportunity for the parents to infuse a new spirit in their sons.