SSQUZA, since its inception, has always intended to be the fastest growing online luxury and premium bedding brand. Therefore, it has focused on quality assurance and customer satisfaction. To fulfill this objective, SSQUZA has assembled a team of competent people who believe in smartness, strategic implementation and hard work combined with operations management to meet customer’s demands.

The entire management of SSQUZA, from the senior executive governing body to the junior team personnel, especially believes in the strategic importance of team competence, group interaction and product development. All these factors are indispensable for understanding buyer preferences and consent in the emerging and fastest growing premium bedding market.

“SSQUZA intends to provide an unparalleled shopping experience to its valued customers. It believes in empowering you to make the right choice on your own without the extra effort and market search,” says Anger Ubaid Shaikh, CEO of SSQZA and Founder of LegendBedding. He exclusively and proudly introduces his team of highly prudent, intellectual, efficient, determined and alert executives to gather information about clients’ preferences and take right decisions to meet the standards in the international arena. Explores the international market deeply.

The higher SSQUZA officers have 35-40 years of experience in their respective departments. He is efficiently leading the management team. Their names and designations are as follows:

  1. Sheikh Muhammad Siddiqui and Mrs Sumaira Siddiqui, founders of SSQUZA, are involved in the local business of cotton and net fabric since 2005. However, the ideology and vision of our parents acted as the inspiration behind the foundation of this company.
  2. Mr. Ubaid Sheikh, CEO, Marketing Analyst and Digital Marketing Incharge, has over 15 years of experience as an SEO Specialist, Digital Marketer and Analyst. Baltimore, Cape Code (roofing, home improvement), New Jersey (bed, Egyptian cotton sheets And luxury comforter set), and USA (block chain cryptocurrency).
  3. Dr. Muhammad Arif, Managing Director, visited various countries and gained vast experience. His personality speed and enthusiasm inspired us to transform the local family bedding business into a B2-B and B2C e-commerce business.
  4. The head of the quality assurance and fabric selection team, Mr. Zahid Mahmood, has vast experience in the relevant field.
  5. Mr. Sabir Hussain, Investor and Director has over 30 years of experience in the import and export business with the Korean market.
  6. Qurtul-Ain-Siddiqui, Business Development Manager and Content Writer. He worked for several successful business campaigns in the fashion industry and apparel in the UAE.
  7. Ammara Khalid, researcher and creative writer. He is a psychologist. He has over 10 years of experience in the field of creative and research writing. In addition, she has experience of working with cosmetic surgery and hair transplant companies based in Dubai and UAE. He has many successful projects in USA, UK, UAE and Germany.
  8. Graphic Designer Zainab Siddiqui has 5 years of experience as a Graphic Designer. In addition, he has experience in branding industries related to home and decor.
  9. Social Media Incharge Amina Siddiqui has over 5 years of experience working with various companies across the globe. In addition, she has completed various home and decor projects as she holds a degree as a fashion designer.

However due to experience and work efficiency, these officers play a supporting role to handle a variety of strategic matters. Nevertheless, SSQUZA has more members to handle other core functions of the company.

Global experience, leadership qualities and competent team give SSQUZA a high level of confidence in covering the strategic journey and meeting the demands of the clients.

SSQUZA. about

SSQUZA (LegendBedding) – a world class bedding shop – has evolved since its inception to give you the best bedding experience.
With regard to beds, our capable team is excellent at making your dreams come true. We are not only a company, but also a cooperation. Our aim is to bring families together. We believe that beds are not just for sleeping or spending free time alone, but they can be used for gatherings, eating out, and undoubtedly a sound sleep after a tiring day can be used for. Hence, we are striving hard to fulfill our goals by providing you quality bedding in many impressive designs.